Jarkko “Finnish Flash” Tuominen

February 24, 1968 to September 23, 2005

Jarkko Tuominen passed away on September 23, 2005 by an accidental fall on a beach trip with friends.  Jarkko was the soul-mate and forever love of Stephanie Jenness.  He was the son of the late Jarkko Tuominen and is survived by his mother Kati Tuominen-Maki, brother Juha, sister Kaisa, step-father Mel Maki, step-brothers Erik and Shaun Maki, step-sister Liisa Maki and also countless friends, co-workers, and relatives. 


Jarkko was a dual Finnish/American citizen living half of his life in Finland before moving to Oregon to attend Concordia University on a full scholarship.  He graduated in 1994 with a bachelor degree in Sports Marketing and played on their soccer team all four years.  He still has several records that have not been beat and was recently inducted into the Concordia University Hall of Fame.  Stephanie and Jarkko had just moved back from Rhode Island, so he could take a new position as the Pro Player/U.S. Soccer Federation Manager at Nike Headquarters in Beaverton.  His last three years with Nike were as  a top soccer sales rep, and he worked a total of 10 years for Nike.  Jarkko was a vibrant life force who touched everyone in his path and he always had a smile on his face.  He was loved immensely and will never be forgotten, because his heart will be in our hearts, forever. 


Jarkko was a dear friend to all of us at the Club and a Seacoast United fan through and through.  We loved him and while we miss his big smile and sense of humor he will forever be a part of Seacoast United.  The College Scholarship is dedicated to his memory and a way of supporting Seacoast United players embarking on their college athletic careers.”

- Paul Willis, President, Seacoast United Sports Club